chronicles of an introvert

chronicles of an introvert

‘n dagboek inkrywing 1 Desember 2014 (en vandag)

Dit is altyd ontydig.

Dit kom op die dae wat jy bedremmeld rondstaan,
met leë hande,
leë hart,
en geknoopte maag.

I really, really need to be nicer,
find the all illusive will
to do better.
Be grateful.
Make sense.
Find meaning.
Just be a better person.


and good will come,
on the quiet and straight path.


That is what is expected.

trooswoorde vir vandag

The harp will not sound unless touched by the finger.
So the heart of man cannot put forth any sweet melody or harmony until first it is touched with the finger of God’s Spirit.

(Clemens Alexandrinus)

“A gracious soul is the image of God, meticulously drawn with the pencil of the Holy Spirit.”

“When you have been there, you know normal isn’t for everyone.  Put your experience in your mouth- and say it…make it yours.”

“ordinary people with ordinary lives, quiet people, with unspilled tears”

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