The journey through mortality will take you all over the place. You’ll go through career phases, successes, and disappointments. You’ll love and hate, rage and plead, suffer and enjoy. It’s a long trip, and the terrain is spectacularly varied. The one thing that will never change is that always, in every single moment, your nature will be urging you to notice the still, bright point of light that leads you toward your destiny. The compasses inside you will always be pointing the right way, even if you forget to check them, even if you fail for a while to hold your course. You can begin again at any moment, and the instant you turn back toward true north, every mistake you’ve made and every minute you’ve spent following the wrong path will become the raw material of wisdom, compassion, and joy. (Martha Beck)


When you can maintain yourself mentally and spiritually, at the intersection between a vertical and a horizontal line is a state of perfect balance. (Elizabeth Gilbert)


Ek begin myself toestemming gee om die herhinneringe vas te hou, te voel en hart toe te stuur.
I honour the jouney that brought me to this day.
I loved some, I lost some, but I have no regrets.
I said what I left unsaid,
I move along with the footprints of everyone that touched my life.  (2011)


28 Maart 2011
Dit is vir my ‘n aanpassing om te let go.
Ek moet fokus.
Ek moet nie weer my torture chamber aktiveer nie.

10 Mei 2011
Ek dien ‘n lewende God.
Hy hou my in Sy handpalm.
Ek hoef nie te vrees nie.
Hy berei my tafel voor my aangesig.
Ek moet net gehoorsaam wees en volg.
Sy stem hoor.
Help my Abba Vader as twyfel en onsekerheid my wil vashou.
Maak my ‘n gehoorsame oop vessel wat beskikbaar is om gebruik te word.
Asseblief Here seën my lewe, my gesin, my gesondheid, my werk, my hart, my brein.
Seën my en gaan my vooruit.
Dan sien ek uit na hierdie dag!



Ek maak my hart wyd oop vir jou. Ek hou jou vas.
En laat jou gaan.
Vir altyd deel van my.

In the end I am the only one who can give my children a mother who loves life…

At that point where I can stand and quietly drown in two rivers of happiness at the same time. (Elizabeth Gilbert)

This has put words to a lot
of what God has done in my life
over the past 12 years
and He put feet to it. (2012)


Living fully with grace shouldn’t wait until you have perfect gifts lined up and polished so you can be more thankful. (Ann Voskamp)

Living with grace in the imperfect is how we find gratitude. ( Ann Voskamp)


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