words and pictures from the camino


draad en pale

it feels like a rare moment

where different intentions

and old grudges

are cast aside

and a future

unbiased by the past

can cause us to consciously advance


to connect with the present,

to live in the present,

to live from the essence,

is the meaning of life.

if we are disconnected from the present,

if we live in the mind,

we live outside of ourselves.

Church Bells

our struggles write a letter to our hearts

and tell it that

at the other end of pain

is growth


the struggle is real

but the trick is

not to let

your struggle define you

let it inspire you


i am travelling alone for the first time

and if you listen close enough

it is inside that solitary space

the camino will open up its heart

and sing to you


i follow the signs

and they silently

offer their guidance


a great life. happiness. love

these and greater pursuits

do not come ready-made

we need to search and find them

toil to build them

and fight to keep them

Kruise by die see

some assembly is required

in the story of our lives

an assembly of risks and dreams

where the reward for your persistence

is a life less ordinary


communicate the things that have no words,

the things of our very deepest nature


Klippe en sement

in the end we are all imperfect beings

in an imperfect world

embrace your imperfection

and remember it is in the journey

that the adventure lies



I was so inspired by the words I heard on Beyond The Way, so all the credit goes to Andrew Suzuki



All the original pictures can be found on Pinterest

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