free spirit

ek geniet warrel-wind weke net soos ek my stilte geniet

unnamed (1)

who knows their own story?

it certainly makes no sense when you are in the middle of it

nick cave

unnamed (5)

a woman in harmony

with her spirit

is like a river flowing.

she goes where she will

without pretense…

and arrives at her destination,

prepared to be herself

and only herself.

maya angelou

unnamed (8)

let your heart break daily

in conversation

over song lyrics

during the pause right before the sun rises

while you are sipping coffee and looking

into the eyes of someone

talking about something they love

for it is when we break a little –  we come alive

it’s in this space of feeling

we get to expand

and it’s here

in our vulnerability and openness

we step into our greatest selves

unnamed (3)

some memories never leave your bones

like salt in the sea

they become part of you

                and you carry them

i want to unfold

let no place in me hold itself closed

for when i am closed, i am false

              rainer maria rilke

unnamed (2)

she wasn’t born her

she found her

over a long

and treacherous road

and the more treacherous

the road became

the more of


she found



ja ek kan ‘n free spirit wees

én vir Jesus Christus dien

as ek kyk wat Hy gedoen het

hoe Hy omgegee

tyd gemaak

uit die boks gedink

en nooit by die verstotelinge verby geloop het nie

hoe Hy die honger en dors

kom les


orals heen geloop het

saam met die sondaars gesit het

vuil geword

lief gehad

en vergewe het














I want to be perceived as a free spirit, but I am completely bound by the Spirit of God.  I am free in Christ, but I am bound to His will.

my journal – 1 June 2017


One response to “free spirit”

  1. Hierdie is die mooiste fotos, met die mooiste woorde. Maar jou eie aan die einde, is werklik pragtig en só waar.

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