the will to remain

the will to remain
it is now that life is mine
i've been given a
moment here on earth
and my longing has brought
me here
what i missed and what
i got
it is still the road i've chosen
my trust far beyond words
that have showed me a little bit
of the Heaven i've never reached
i want to feel that i am alive
during all the time i have
i will live the way i want
i want to feel that i am alive
know that i am enough
i've never forgotten who i was
i have just let it be
maybe i didn't have a choice
just a will to remain
i want to live happy
because i am me
to be able to be strong and free
see how night turns into day
i am here and my life
only belongs to me
and the Heaven i thought
was real
i am going to find there
i want to feel that i've
lived my life

gabriella’s song

maar as mens regtig wil voel dan moet jy die musiek ook hoor
so hier is die link...

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