joy comes in the morning

Artistic Release – Saturday 19 November 2022

Expressive art is a tool to explore, develop and practice creativity as a means to wellness

During the week preceding the session I was thinking about various ideas that I could present to the attendees.

I woke up on Thursday knowing that I had to break some costume jewellery and add it to all the other materials. I knew that the red ruby was for a specific lady and the silver necklace for someone else.

I rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me and those in my care. I said nothing about the costume jewellery and was elated when both ladies chose the items all on their own.

Hallo Liza, ah man it was the absolute best time spent and highlight of this year for me and time with you.

Something was unlocked for me Saturday morning while painting and having the freedom to create, re-create and express.

I need to find some time this week to write this piece’s significance for me and will send it to you. I had a back-to-back weekend, so I didn’t have time to truly reflect, write and listen. This was definitely top of my list, and it is one of the most significant things I did for myself in a while.

Looking forward to our next session.

Ketty Leslie

Today I am grateful and very honoured to have had the privilege to join the artistic release session this morning with you. Thank you for your warm welcome and lovely personality Liza. I came home Renewed, Refreshed and Revived

You plus art made the best ingredients for a successful purple morning.

June Snayers

June started out with orange and black transferring into the red ruby but something very significant happened along the way that turned her idea into a purple whole.

Prophetic meaning of the colour purple

Royalty, heirs to the throne of God, ruler, noble one, breakthrough, reining power.

The meaning of purple in the Bible

The colour purple represents kingship. In ancient times, purple dye was expensive, therefore making the colour purple symbolic of prestige, nobility, and kingship/royalty (Judges 8:26, Esther 8:15).

We have two sessions on 1 December 2022 @ R 350 per person.

Book your spot on the following link:

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  1. Op my 2023 to do lysie… so vinnig as moontlik so n sessie te kom by woon. Dis iets wat met my praat vandat ek dit raakgelees het.

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