it is finished

Dit was ‘n besluit. Iets wat ek my voorgeneem het om te doen nadat ek my nier geskenk het. it is finished… ‘n Tattoo op my voorarm om my te herhinner dat ek niks meer het om te gee behalwe liefde, tyd en aandag nie. Verlede week vertrek ek oudergewoonte na ‘n stil plek om … Continue reading it is finished


as ‘n mens ‘n storie wil skryfmoet jy weet wat jy doendaar is immers ‘n begin’n middelen ‘n eindeal wat ek nou voel is blind 19 januarie 2019God says you should stop being anxiousHe has been with you since the beginningHe is with you nowYou should surrender completelyand go into a posture of restthere is … Continue reading tuimeltrein


But God’s forgiveness is unconditional; it comes from a heart that does not demand anything for itself, a heart that is completely empty of self-seeking. It is this divine forgiveness that I have to practise in my daily life. It calls me to keep stepping over all my arguments that say forgiveness is unwise, unhealthy and impractical. It challenges me to step over all my needs for gratitude and compliments. Finally, it demands of me that I step over that wounded part of my heart that feels hurt and wronged and that wants to stay in control and put a few conditions between me and the one whom I am asked to forgive. (Henri Nouwen) Continue reading forgiveness